About E.H.D.

Welcome to  E.H.D.

Elite Healthcare Distribution is a wholesale distributor of new and innovative products for the healthcare and sports markets.

With a progressive digital marketing program, and a network of hard working sales agents with excellent contacts, we are able to offer market analysis, brand development and support, as well as a fast route to market.

We specialise in the development and distribution of plant based ‘specials’ or unlicensed medicines, liasing with producers, distributors and health authorities to gain product approval for new and novel medicines, and making them available for prescription. Working with our experienced, professional partner network, we work to ensure that practitioners have access to new forms of medicine, and the relevant information required to make accurate decisions on application and dosage, with products they can trust.

Working with producers globally, we ensure that all of our bulk producers and finished product manufacturers comply to the highest pharmaceutical standards, and provide research and market data to assist them in manufacturing safe,  efficacious and effective products with target treatments in mind. Through this process, we ensure supply of quality innovative products that practitioners can rely on.

With a hard-working, growth mindset, we are eager for further opportunities for distribution into the healthcare and sports markets. If you are looking for a hard-working, progressive, technical consultative style partner to distribute your products, we would love to hear from you.